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Dominique Katze
Кто умеет ждать, своего добьется (с) / Всему свое время / Циник, насмешник и мизантроп / "Только мне решать, когда и с кем мне танцевать" (с)
Записи в блоге Dears от Гакуто-сама :ura:

Все, естессно, на японском >.< Кто может перевести - пожалуйста, выложите перевод в комментах!:beg::kapit:

Запись от 22.01.2009

Запись от 25.01.2009

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2009-01-26 в 21:09 

~~~ as if in dream
Есть переводы на английский.

2009-01-26 в 21:13 

Hikaru Kamui
"Не нужно прыгать, нужно просто протянуть руки" © Gackt
Аурелиано ,где? ^_^

2009-01-26 в 21:16 

Кто умеет ждать, своего добьется (с) / Всему свое время / Циник, насмешник и мизантроп / "Только мне решать, когда и с кем мне танцевать" (с)
Аурелиано, уря! ^_^ Буду рада и английскому)) Перевод сегодняшней записи в англ. уже читала))), а вот от 22 и 25 пока нет...

2009-01-27 в 02:42 

Dominique Katze я выкладывала переводы на русский у себя на дневнике, если что)

2009-01-27 в 02:47 

Dominique Katze
Кто умеет ждать, своего добьется (с) / Всему свое время / Циник, насмешник и мизантроп / "Только мне решать, когда и с кем мне танцевать" (с)
Миллер., ух ты, гляну непременно, спасибо ^__^

2009-01-27 в 02:51 

Dominique Katze только сразу предупрежу, там скорее пересказы)

2009-01-27 в 06:27 

Hikaru Kamui
"Не нужно прыгать, нужно просто протянуть руки" © Gackt
Спасибо всем! Пошла читать:)

2009-02-10 в 22:37 

~~~ as if in dream
Здесь есть переводы. Кликать по ссылкам с датой в тексте.

2009-02-10 в 23:46 

~~~ as if in dream
Translations by sakuraso via dears@LJ

1. [Gackt Blog] 2009.01.25
Hey everyone!
I've been translating Gackt's blog entries in my journal, and I noticed that no one posts any in the community - as Gackt's blog is now open to everyone, there's really no reason not to right? :O I'm in no danger of losing my membership... especially since it might have actually expired.... anyway.

Sometimes the English might be a bit weird, and although I'm trying to avoid literal translations, sometimes.... it feels like maybe it's best to leave the English a bit odd, if it helps you get the feel of what Gackt writes.. and his entries are quite difficult sometimes, him liking to make up words and all that...

Hope it's alright :)

2009.01.25 10:56
Yesterday's live in Jōetsu* had the highest excitement


I woke up, and already so much time has passed.
The weather is very good today. The atmosphere of the scenery and sky that I can see from my window is clear, my high strung feelings have become calm.

From the morning, I woke up with a sore throat and body,
all the time, the electricity in my body is draining but,
if more time passes, will this pain become a little better?

Even so, yesterday's live was the highest.

In the entire country, it's the smallest venue.
But, out of the entire country, it was the venue that displayed the most excitement.

Niigata is hot. It's really hot.*

From a long time ago, I have often heard things like, in Niigata 'it's difficult to do things', and 'it's hard to get into', from event companies. It's not like that at all.

The other day, the venue's sense of unity made me believe that I could meet the start of the opening day of the Niigata performances. The height of perfection.

So, I want to connect with the audience who come, no matter how many, and, among the strange excitement of Jōetsu I was made to recognise anew the intermingling of souls.

I love the people of Niigata... Again I felt this.
I really feel grateful.

Yesterday, before the live, the mayor of Jōetsu came and we talked a little,
it was recalled that the event the other day was really like last year's Kenshin Festival.

As far as I'm concerned, this place has become like my home town,
that this place exists, I really am grateful.

This time, I couldn't go to Rinsenji (temple), I wonder if my older lady friend is okay...

Soon, let's go have fun.

The extending silver world of Niigata really is pretty.

Well then, today's visual live, this month and next, as for me, I'll work hard to the extent of death. As for me, I'll persist.

Work hard!


* Jōetsu is a city in Niigata Prefecture
* That is, Paris Hilton kind of "hot", not temperature~
*「気愛だ!!!」A Gacktism it seems... So, in essence... "spirit!love!!!"

Записи эти открыты только для участников, поэтому не распространяйте дальше на всякий случай.

2009-02-10 в 23:47 

~~~ as if in dream
[Gackt Blog] 2009.01.26

Sorry, this one's slightly late! He posted yesterday, but I've had to revise for some tests :/
Again, some slightly odd English but, I like to convey what he says, and how he says it, smooth English be damned :P

2009.01.26 12:05
My throat hurts...


Yesterday, I shouted too much and now my throat hurts...
Today, I spent the whole day silent, waiting for my throat to recover.

Even so, yesterday was hot.
Jōetsu is hot to the point of dying, but
Matsumoto still, surpassed again!

From now on, the hurdles will increase rapidly.
From now on, I will rapidly lose my voice.


Lovely inverse proportion.

Well, you might say I've been sharpening my body.... my spirit but
Even so, as for something being left behind, I choose that way....
I have that kind of personality.

We have some new staff but
"Why do you go that far??"
they ask first, '........what for, I wonder???'
even I don't understand.

So, the words that came:
"Because there are people there waiting for me"

Something like that. There are people waiting for me, so I'll surely try hard.
At least, that's my kind of character.
That's my disposition.

Everyone's been waiting for me,
So I too will wait for everyone.

At any rate, yesterday's live was good, from now on more and more hurdles will appear,
So I will rise above my hurdles higher and higher and I will try for as long as I can

Everyone, follow tightly.
The Visualive made by everyone.


And yes, I did actually count his laughs and wrote the corresponding amounts :P

2009-02-10 в 23:49 

~~~ as if in dream
[Gackt Blog] 2009.02.01
Unfortunately, due to time differences it's a tad late :O He posted it just as I was going to bed.. And I wasn't about to start translating at 4am XD; It's a short one this time~

2009.02.01 11:30

Somehow... Revival


I thought I'd die...

I thought I'd die before the Tokyo performance....

Times like this I suddenly get a fever.

I think 'This body truly is...'
However long or much I train, still, sometimes such things suddenly come up.
Well, but still, I came back* so I have to be alright.

Also, when my body seems to be burdened with a 40 degree fever,
it's like someone took the power from my entire body.

I must be completely revived by [before] the performance.

Today is also full-throttle.
Until it's finished.

Until I can go*


* musical revival
* He uses hiragana, so the meaning could be any of - to go/proceed; conquer/subjugate; to die/pass away. I went for the most vague one~~

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